Om Oss

Hvem vi er

Casiana er et mote og livsstils merke grunnlagt i Ålesund. Vi har et hjerte for å hjelpe deg finne stilfulle produkter og prioriterer bærekraftige og håndlagede varer av høy kvalitet fra Asia og ellers i verden.

Grunnleggeren valgte navnet Casiana for å hendre bestefaren sin, Casiano. Han var en lidenskapelig og ærlig forretningsmann som lærte henne alt hun kan.

Hva vi gjør

Vårt oppdrag er å hjelpe kvinner og jenter å være stilfulle hele året, uten å rane banken. Vi elsker å se kvinner og jenter kledd i stilfulle produkter som er bærekraftig laget av håndverkere fra hele verden, og dermed også gi levebrød til mange familier.

Vi ønsker å gi deg håndlagde stilstykker fra Asia til Norge (og resten av Europa) for å bringe mote nærmere deg.

Word from the founder:

Business runs in my family. My late grandfather, Casiano, was a businessman. My mother is an entrepreneur as well. My grandpa groomed my mother since she was a little girl and he did the same to me.

My grandfather told my mom to make me better than she already was and better than he ever will be. So at seven years old, I was learning how to write Business Plans. By the time I was 10, I was helping my mom file our taxes. I have always been bad at Math but didn’t stop both my mom and my grandpa to think that I can make it as an entrepreneur.

I remember I was about 10 years old and was selling chocolates and snacks in our classroom. My grandfather was so proud that he gave me more capital and paid my mom for the capital she already invested in my little “business”.

When I moved to Norway, getting hold of accessories from Asia that I used to love was proving to be harder than it was. So I looked for a solution not only for me but for all the women and girls who wants to wear stylish accessories from Asia and around the world. I want to bring fashion closer to you and me.

I also believe in making sure our workers, manufacturers, suppliers, and our whole team is well-paid. We work with very hard working artisans from Indonesia, China, and the Philippines. When you buy our products, we provide livelihood to men and women from these places and more.

All the accessories that we’re selling are style pieces that I absolutely adore. I wear and use them myself and hope that you’d love them too.

We also want to make sure that all the products we’re selling are of good quality. We test every product and make sure they’re at a high standard before we start selling them to you, our beloved fashionistas.

I know you want to wear stylish accessories all year round without spending an arm and a leg. My goal is that through Casian Fashion & Lifestyle, you get to stay stylish all the time without breaking the bank.

Stay stylish,

Caren Hope